San Fernando Valley Personal Injury Lawyers Benefits Highlighted by Olympic Luge Tragedy

This is part one in a two part series relating to social benefits from personal injury lawsuits.

People in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California are hurt in auto accidents and through the negligent of others all the time.

Luge%20wake%20KUMARITASHVILI-GEORGIA-WAKE-PICTURES-PHOTOS.jpgEveryone hates lawyers. Juries tell us there are too many lawsuits. Governor Schwarzenegger is taking aim at lawyer with his supposed tort reform proposals.

The loss of Georgian Luger Nodar Kumaritashvili highlights why the work of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers is so important.

The Vancouver luge track, has been described as the fastest ever built prompting safety concerns before the death. Why wasn’t it fixed? Nodar was competing in a sport with inherent risks, therefore the luge track owners may assert “assumption of the risk” as a defense and escape liability for causing the death of Nodar. Imagine how this story might have ended if the track builder knew they would have to pay for the harm they caused.

The new track had a reputation for causing crashes in all but the most experienced sliders. Most alarming was the fact that race officials knew that lugers were traveling at record speeds and crashing. They knew that this was a dangerous corner, and even erected a slight extension to the wall at the fatal turn. However, they did not take the simple and inexpensive additional precautions of erecting a higher wall and most importantly, protecting riders from the exposed steel beams next to the track. Had their responsibility for their decisions not been shielded from lawsuits, things would have been different.

Part two of this series will discuss how this tragedy relates to Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers keeping people safe.