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The Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities (L.A. T.L.C.) made its last donation of the year to the Venice Family Clinic, which provides primary health care services to homeless men, women and children during approximately 16,000 patient visits per year. Without the Clinic, these folks might not have access to even the most basic health care services.

L.A. T.L.C. looks forward to continuing its good work in the community in 2007 and we look forward to helping it achieve its charitable goals.

Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities reached out to help at St. Anne’s Maternity Home last week. On December 13, 2006, personal injury attorneys donned aprons, served up holiday dinner and donated $5,000 to this worthy charity.

St. Anne’s is a 100-year old downtown institution which provides housing, education, medical care and moral support to disadvantaged young women. Pregnant and, in many cases, homeless, St. Anne’s takes these girls off the streets, gives them a place to live, and restores to them a measure of dignity.

Helping others is what trial lawyers do best – in a courtroom and in the community. At Rice & Bloomfield, we are proud to support LATLC and proud of the work we do to help those whose lives have been shattered by serious injuries or the death of a loved one.